Written by Eileen La Fontaine, 12 October 2001 in appreciation of David's efforts….


Oh what a drama, we've two houses to sell,
And we've planned to travel Australia as well.
Don't worry says daughter, give David your house,
He sold ours for us, he really was grouse.

So we called David Taylor, said what can you do,
Can we go away, leave the work all to you?
I'd be pleased, he said, to look after it
Just leave me your number, I don't mind a bit.

So off we went to the wilds of the north,
And David the task of selling set forth,
He worked very hard with his usual finesse,
That he sold them quite quickly is not hard to guess.

He rang us quite often with update or change,
But most of the time got "phone out of range".
But David persisted - having really no choice,
I'm sure he got sick of that voice message voice!

Well now it's all over, both handovers are done.
That you're the best, we'll tell everyone.
Our thanks to you, David and all who work there,
Your professional manner and the way that you care.