Dear Friends

Every time I am talking to people in real estate I am always told "we need more listings". Yet in all my seminars I get the impression from a large number of agents that they follow back a prospective vendor for 2-4 weeks after a listing appointment and then stop, automatically thinking they are not selling.

Perhaps it is time to discover relationship listing

There seems to be a longer planning time or thinking time from when a seller invites a few agents through their home until they are ready to sell. In most cases, I see that this planning time runs somewhere close to 6 months. Therefore your follow back plan must cater for these changing habits.

Most of my listings this year have come from building a strong and growing relationship over 6-12 months and even longer in order to gain their business and list their home. Home owners are seeing whether they like and trust me plus whether I care about them, plus they are also looking for an agent that they believe has the determination and skills to follow up prospective buyers for their properties.

A vendor's planning time seems to have increased dramatically in the last year or two and in analyzing where my listings are coming from, all but two are from strong and consistent follow back over a longer period. This graph demonstrates the percentage of time from an initial listing appointment to a signed and secured listing for all my listings this year (total 51):

Can you see the pattern that has evolved and how important "relationship listing is". It's better to follow up with a scheduled or consistent plan to ensure each listing is yours, not your competitors.

Yours in real estate.

David Taylor
Real Estate Sales Techniques Australia
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